Our Company

STEEL CORE HOMES, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Interior Resource Network (IRN) who currently operates in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Tahiti, Singapore and Philippines. Steel Core Homes, Inc. was established in the Philippines in 2006 and is engaged in the fabrication of light gauge steel framing systems intended for residential, Institutional projects like Schools, Multipurpose Halls and Warehouses. The Company is globally recognized by providing products and services to countries like Africa, Haiti, Tahiti, China, Australia and Philippines.

The company also responded to worldwide disasters in Haiti by designing simple, small, safe, and very inexpensive housing units. The “Social House” is designed to address the immediate housing needs of all reconstruction efforts. The design addresses the lack of resources and limited skill level of the labor force. 

STEEL CORE HOMES, INC. delivers total turnkey housing and commercial building solutions. From supplying main structural steel wall frames or just steel roofing systems alone, to fully constructed and finished accommodations, from affordable social housing to high end boutique resorts. SCH delivers quality homes that are much faster and inexpensive to assemble than traditional site-built homes.