Our System

The company utilizes state of the art high-tech computer aided software and machinery lead to substantial savings. The manufacturing system can be used to construct buildings up to 3 storeys high without the need for any structural columns or beams and is suited in the Philippines for huge savings in complete roofing systems; (trusses and purlins) opposed to systems currently manufactured from “angle bar” and the like. Steel Core Homes provides the solution; producing buildings which have been measured and tested to withstand high levels of hurricanes, tornados, typhoons, earthquakes, fire, mildew and termites. It can withstand earthquake simulations of up to magnitude 9 without suffering any serious damage. The test is conducted at the University of Melbourne conducted by National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH) in Australia.


  The unique Steel Core Homes approach:

  • decreases building time through eliminating traditional supply-related lags;
  • decreases building time through pre-cutting and pre-assembling the most complex and construction intensive components of a home (minimum cutting or refitting is required on site);
  • decreases building costs through accommodating significant economies of scale;
  • decreases building costs through acquiring materials, finishes, and fixtures on the global market; and
  • offers the highest quality GREEN built homes